All our initiatives are being derived out of above strategic intents with strong emphasis on “B2B (Back to Basics)” for achieving sustained People Processes maturity and leveraging following


In line with our Company Vision “To be the most admired spirits company” and its Strategic objective “To attract, develop, nurture and retain talent”, the talent acquisition process in ABD seeks to get the “Right” fit. There are three main dimensions to a “Right” fit namely Culture fit, Value fit and Competency fit. The combination of the three elements is what we seek in all our prospective new employees.


Integrating a new joinee into our culture starts from the time that the offer is made/accepted under a structured and institutionalised induction & onboarding program, “WOW! ABD” – Welcome to Our World of ABD”. The purpose of this initiative is to give every new employee who joins ABD an objective & all-round view of our company, organisational culture, work ethic, complete and holistic understanding of the industry, the internal & external environments in which the organisation strives, and ensure familiarisation with all processes, functions and the key members, systems & policies, thereby enabling his/her engagement with the ABD way of life from the very first day.


The vision to action approach at ABD is anchored and supported by our company’s core values which are : Teamwork, Constantly Innovating and Being Different, Excellence in Execution, Professional and Personal Integrity, Proud of what we do. These values are demonstrated by all our employees in terms of relevant behaviours so that they get institutionalised and become a part of our way of working. In order to achieve the institutionalisation of our core values we have conceptualised and deployed organisation wide values deployment and communication initiative branded as LOVE ABD wherein LOVE is an anagram for “Living Our Values Everyday”.

Our Rewards & Recognition system –

ABD Value Star is an initiative that shows employees the value of their work by recognising them for the initiatives that they undertake over and above the call of duty, exemplifying behaviours in line with our core values. Under this umbrella, we have the following reward heads:

  • 1. ABD Value Star Innovation Award
  • 2. ABD Value Star Cost Management Award
  • 3. ABD Value Star Pat on the Back Award – for instant recognition

Capability Building:

People and Learning form an integral part of the organisation’s Vision.
A virtual institution called ABD Academy has been conceptualized as the Centre of Excellence under which Sustainable Organization Capability Building is being facilitated and participants get “Certificate of Achievement” for successful completing the need based Functional & Leadership program.
For the very first time in ABD, strength based solution centric leadership across all levels was envisioned and an initiative was undertaken to provide 02 Man days of capability building to every employee as per the training needs identified through various sources

Talent building pipeline:

ABD Future Leader Program (ABDFL) is a Management Trainee program which is currently in its fourth year of implementation. In the last four years, we have hired close to 27 Management Trainees from premier B-schools only across specializations and provided them with four and a half months of hand’s on cross functional training, four and a half months of hand’s on functional training followed by three months of independent charge in a role where there are to be eventually absorbed. As and when the ABDFL’s complete the living of a business specific role, they are reviewed by the Management Committee and provided with immediate feedback. Through this program of shared leadership we aim to develop a strong leadership Talent pipeline within ABD to sustain the growth momentum. It is a 12 months program for building the leadership pipeline by transforming fresh professional talent into business managers. Till date we have hired Management professionals from premier institutes IIMs, MDI, IMT, Narsee Monjee, KJ Somaiya, Symbiosis.

We also have another talent pipeline, for the Manufacturing & Operations function under the ABD Manufacturing Trainee Program. We hire Graduate Engineer Trainees from top-notch engineering institutes and mould them in the ABD Manufacturing & Operations function over a period of 6 months through rigorous training and hands-on exposure into every aspect of the function.

Career progression & Succession Planning framework – Our objective behind the Career Progression & Succession Planning mechanism is to objectively recognize and reward consistent good performers with relevant potential and competencies as prescribed in the ABD Competencies Framework and facilitate the identification of immediate, short & long terms successors different roles & positions that are key to the organisation’s successful functioning.

F.I.L.L. (From Inside the Learning Library) –

We have introduced a weekly dose of GREY MATTER in employees’ inbox. Where we send the employees summary of a book known for its thought-provoking, inspiring & professionally enriching matter. Employees can contribute too – Send in their requests or contributions for any specific book they may want to read / want others to read, and we try and share it for them. This is to inculcate a positive learning habit among people, not necessarily through trainings and prescriptive learning methodologies. It also touches upon the less talked-about subject matter – the softer side of management & business semantics.

Employee Engagement Initiatives at the plant-

Each year in the month of March, a Safety Week is celebrated at Aurangabad Plant. It is begun with an inauguration ceremony wherein the Chairman Safety Committee has takes a Safety Oath along with everyone.

We have created a First Aid facility in the factory premise to immediately address any medical urgency at the plant.

On the occasion of Independence Day & Republic Day, a Flag Hoisting is done and witnessed by all employees at the plant and each individual takes home a box of sweets to keep alive the spirit of brotherhood.

At our plant in Wales, a series of employee engagement activities take place, like celebration of World Environment Day on 5th June, Biswakarma Puja in the month of September, and so on. The motive behind organizing such activities in unit is to inculcate a sense of responsibility among the general workers towards the society, nation and working place out of their day to day usual activities/affairs.

Inspiration also comes through focus on innovation and performance. The robust Performance Management system transparently recognises performance and the ABD Value Star initiative promptly advertises good work among all team members of ABD so that best practices initiated by someone can be replicated by all others, thus creating a learning environment.

Happy Hours – Employees In-house Newsletter:

In order to recharge the blood of internal communication, tri-annual in-house news letter Happy Hours involves and engages each and every employee through its connect and reach giving complete picture about company’s vision of growth & success as a Team.

Compensation & Benefits benchmarking:

In order to attract & retain talent and make ABD a “most admired employer” envisaged C&B benchmarking survey for market positioning and alignment is a continuous practice.

Employee Engagement Survey – ABD N.E.E.D.:

In-house online engagement survey is to assess and act upon on all the key indicators of productive engagement of ABD employees.