Over the yers, ABD has emerged as an “Employer of Choice” primarily through its talent hiring practices. In line with our Company Vision “To be the most admired spirits company” & People vision “ To be the most admired employer” and its Strategic objective “To attract, develop, nurture and retain talent”, the talent acquisition process in ABD focuses on three main dimensions to a “Right” fit namely Culture fit, Value fit and Competency fit.

The Company Values and the Leadership Competency Framework throw light on the standard behaviours expected from each employee. Their alignment to the hiring process is ensured in our internal communications as well as external communications.

This is further corroborated through a very stringent interview process consisting of –

  • 1. HR round conducted by the HR team for all positions across all levels including frontline executives
  • 2. Functional round and
  • 3. CEO round (For Manager and above positions).

The multilayer interviewing process brings a lot of rigor and objectivity in hiring the right cultural fit.

For junior level positions, there is a standard aptitude test as a 1st level filtration technique, which is designed to test an individual on basic logic & reasoning, English grammar & usage, and quantitative analysis. This is exercised solely for driving the agenda of getting in the best of the best. Further to this are the interviews – functional & HR rounds – which are essentially focused on culling out information from candidates on their competencies in line with the matrix we have formalised for our organisation, to check whether they could adapt / produce results in our organisational climate.

For Middle & Senior Management level hirings, a large part of the internal focus is on engaging with the right & competitive search partners for the open mandates, educating the said search partners with the company’s vision and values, product portfolio, growth story, business details, and invest time not only in clarifying their queries on the role descriptions, but also analysing the candidate profiles received, along with them, for shortlisting. After each round of interview, as a closure to the process, we internally record the feedback of the assessor and let the search partner know. Competency-based interviewing technique is followed here as well, and with even more strictness in assessment.

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